WHeel Stop Signs

Wheel Stop Signs are supplied with fixings and can be installed onto the front of the Compliance Wheel Stop to label parking space rules.

All sign faces are made from white polypropylene and come in a range of six screen printed messages - VISITOR, DISABLED, STAFF,  15 MINUTE, RESERVED and BLANK (for custom messaging). All text is printed in Black, except for DISABLED which is printed in Blue.

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Wheel Stop Signs.
Material: 1.4mm polypropylene.
Finish: Screen printed text.
Size: 75 x 450 x 1.4mm.
Fixings: 6 x self tapping screws (supplied).
Installation: Install onto Compliance Wheel Stop.

  • 01_visitor
  • 02_disabled
  • 03_staff
  • 04_15minute
  • 05_reserved
  • 06_blank

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