Quality Issues

When choosing your speed hump there are a number of factors you need to consider...

  • Does it comply with AS2890.1:2004?
  • Quality of construction - recycled products often equate to rubbish!
  • Environmental exposure - will it survive Australia's harsh conditions?
  • The type of traffic it will be exposed to:  Will it be 50 or 500 per day?
  • Your expectation of service life:  Is it 5 months or 5 years?
  • What, if any, warranty comes with the product?
  • FAILED the AS2890.1:2004 test.
  • FAILED the quality test.
  • FAILED the weather test.
  • PASSED the heavy trucks test.
  • PASSED the high volume test.
  • PASSED the service life test. (4 years in heavy transport depot)
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