Slo-motion Heavy Duty Steel Speed Hump is the modular steel speed control system for seriously heavy vehicle applications (including 'B' - Doubles).

Perfectly suited to transport depots, factories and terminals etc. our super strong chassis construction with 6mm floor plate and 6 bolt fixing make our Slo-motion Heavy virtually indestructible.

Heavy Duty Diagram

Value Features

  • Designed to comply with AS2890.1:2004.
  • More than 4 times the load bearing contact area with the road surface than competitors' products.
  • Use with or without end caps.
  • A choice of either steel or rubber end caps.
  • Comes complete with all fixings.
  • Truly independent modules for easy removal.
  • Does not require rubber underlay to prevent rattle.
  • Concealed fixings remain accessible.
  • Modules have a built-in bridge design to to accommodate hoses or cables.

% Recyclable

heavy duty side


Top Skin:
6mm floor plate
Length: 1 metre or 1/2 metre
Width: 350mm
Height: 55mm
Weight: 24.5kg (13 kg for 1/2 metre).
SMEC - 5.2kg/pair
SMSEC - 5kg/pair
No of fixings: 6 (supplied)

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